Stereoscopic Images

000-a klondike camp
001-a rice raft
002-a russian cossack
003-churning butter in a goat skin
004-coke ovens
005-el capitan
006-engine, mt. washington r.r., white mountains
007-famous southern trestle
008-glacier point, yosemite valley, cal.
009-having a fine time
010-hoorn, holland
011-kiowa indian children
012-lover's lane
013-making tortillas
014-milan, italy
015-new home sewing co. from river bridge
016-on board russian man-o'-war
017-o'neil's point, grand canyon
018-on the mississippi
019-ox teams in rural chile
020-pat hoolahan's wake
021-rain in sight
022-s. main st. from r.r. bridge
023-the alhambra
024-the landing on missisquoi bay
025-view from prospect st. of orange
026-view from prospect st looking s.e.
027-waite block
028-warm meals
029-when a man's married his troubles begin