River Bend drawing by Ardath Garfield
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Wheeler Memorial Library Artifacts

This is a collection of artifacts found in the attic of the Wheeler Memorial Library in Orange, Massachusetts. At the present time the donor is unknown. There was a news article dated 1932 amongst the things found and the calabash has a date of 1885 on its label.

We would love to hear from anyone with information regarding the origins or value of any of these articles.

Wheeler Memorial Library
East Main Street
Orange, MA 01364
(978)  544 2495


01. Poi pounder (broken handle); Kapa beater

02. Hair pins

03. Shell? coral? Necklace 4' length

detail of above

04. Fly switch? Horse hair deteriorating

05a. Fan, lauhala

05b. Fan, lauhala

05c. Fan

06. Two Enameled (tin? brass?) cups

07. Lauhala wallet, contained a small amout of Pele's hair lava strands

08. Embroidered silk (tie? minister's stole?)

detail of above

09. Labeled India Calabash

detail of label

detail of side carving

10. Necklace, unknown seeds and beads

Detail of above

11. Unknown ornament, terracotta? wood?

12. Aloha footprint with blotter papers attached

13. Hawaiian pillow, lauhala

14. (right)Ornament with butterfly, back is mirror
(left)Glass covered case for 12 rice paper paintings below. Color is opaque.



15. One of two similar woven baskets

16. Koa wood fold out box

17. Braided human hair neck piece

detail of weave

18. Misc. collection

  • Hollowed out poi pounder on left; perhaps used as a lamp. (ipu kukui)
  • In lower picture is a letter opener with unknown substance for blade, metal handle
  • Smaller seed right of center is probably Metroxylon Amicarum,
    Though it grows in Hawaii, is native to Pohnpei and Truk and yields perhaps the largest vegetable ivory seed.
    These are two botanical photos of Metroxylon Amicarum


19. Fossil, whales tooth, unknown horn, some other teeth, and (duck?) breast bones

Photos and page prepared by Moss Brook Arts



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