River Bend drawing by Ardath Garfield
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The Library invites contributions of creative work by the residents of Orange for publication to this web page. Contact Library Director, Walt  Owens, at 978.544.2495 to schedule your "Virtual Gallery Exhibit."

The Library is pleased to offer artwork by Sarah Adam as our Spring 2008 exhibit.

Sarah Adam, Local Artist

Illustration is what I do. I've been drawing since I was 3, and I don't plan on stopping. I enjoy using a variety of materials- pen & ink, acrylic, watercolor, pencils- to make my compositions. From frolicking foods to a lemon-slice moon rising over the snow, I chose many subjects to illustrate. Children playing, robots beeping, goldfish blurping, even a soft-shoeing toaster or two. I like to think I can put whimsy into anything; give something eyes and a smile or make it jump up and dance. When I'm not making whimsical faerie-bugs to amuse myself, I'm busy making illustrations for others. I've created picturebook art for a local writer, which was aired on local-access television. I've also created watercolor compositions for the Recorder's special section covers, including the Holiday Gift Guide and the Franklin County Fair. I've made postcards for horror-television hostesses, hand-painted signs for a candy shop, a running orange for a diabetes benefit, and a hand-painted chair for the Greenfield Library. I hope to put all of my efforts into children's books someday. I love illustrating poems and short stories. If you ever need some art to go along with your writings, or need help with graphic design, keep me in mind!
Sarah Adam
Greenfield, MA

- Robot with Accordion

- Ashwee

- Grumpy Muffin

- Robot Birdies



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