River Bend drawing by Ardath Garfield
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The Library invites contributions of creative work by the residents of Orange for publication to this web page. Contact Library Director, Walt  Owens, at 978.544.2495 to schedule your "Virtual Gallery Exhibit."

We are pleased to present as our autumn offering to this virtual gallery, artwork by children.

Tim Van Egmond at WheelerTim Van Egmond involved all of his audience while telling stories at the Wheeler Memorial Library's, July 7 Sweet Dreams Storytime.

Drawing by Levi.Show Man
by Levi. Done with Candy and with May from the Eric Carle Museum at the Garlic Festival in Orange, MA

Drawing by Ivan.Canoeing
by Kacy.

Drawing of Candy Cross and Jenda.Candy Cross and Jenda
by Jenda.

The Library.The Library
by Jenda.

Pencil and crayon drawing.Pencil and Crayon Drawing
by Dakota.

Water Drinker collage.Water Drinker
by Maison after hearing It Looked Like Spilt Milk.

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Summer 2006 Music by Carolyn Brown Senier

Winter 2005 "Me Old Mum" by Candace Curran

Winter 2004
Artwork by young children

April & May 2004
Robert Collén
The Town and the River poem
and Ardath Garfield's
River Bend
line drawing