River Bend drawing by Ardath Garfield
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The Library invites contributions of creative work by the residents of Orange for publication to this web page. Contact Library Director, Walt  Owens, at 978.544.2495 to schedule your "Virtual Gallery Exhibit."

This winter's exhibit is the poem "Crossbones" by Candace Curran, library staff member:


Me old Mum
in the early a.m.
smokes cigars while playing solitaire
holding them in her mouth by way of a
broken tooth and me oh my
I used to think she was a witch
but a pirate she is

Smoke collects
clouds up around her blue heron hair
crawls the ceiling on all fours
looking for a way out

Me old Mum works
crosswords at dawn with a cauldron of coffee
she waits for the paper to drive up or
someone's going to hear about it and
out she goes crosses the road in a whipping
nightgown and cape
boots for the snow and a shovel for a bad forecast
she discusses politics with the cat
she talks back to the scanner that spits in the corner
of the lookout window

On top of the round world
Me old Mum
feeds deer and birds and the occasional
grandchild come visiting to
sit on her lap and my oh my
I can remember when she used to yodel
and play the ukulele
and I used to think she was a witch
but a pirate she is
a pirate 

© by Candace Curran

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